Date Posted... Oct 7th 2022

Compassion at Harvest

Harvest festivities were underway across both Truro School and Truro School Prep this week as our students took the time to reflect on how we can help communities in need at this time.

At the Senior School, our Community Action Team pupils presented in Assemblies across the week in preparation for the first Charity Day of the Year (Friday, 7 October), which is raising money for All We Can and Camborne, Pool and Redruth Food Bank.

All We Can is an international development and relief organisation, rooted in the Christian faith, which focuses on helping the most marginalised communities in the world. Set up in the 1930s, the organisation now works with vulnerable and excluded communities in low-income countries, while helping to pioneer sustainable developments and provide emergency humanitarian aid.

The Camborne, Pool and Redruth Food Bank (CPR) has over 50 volunteers working to distribute 23,000 meals to over 540 families. They aim to challenge social and financial exclusion and provide support to all regardless of background and race.

As many will have to choose between feeding their families and heating their homes due to the increasing cost of living, our pupils recognise the importance of supporting local food banks and charities. The UK’s food poverty rate is among the highest in Europe, with millions struggling to access the food they need and 1,200 active food banks providing emergency food to people in crisis. This is despite the UK being the sixth richest country in the world.

On Wednesday this week, Prep pupils celebrated their Harvest Festival. In an assembly led by the Rev, they learnt about the importance of sharing through the Stone Soup story, where hungry travellers convince the people of a village to each share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal that everyone can share and enjoy.

Throughout the week, pupils have been bringing in donations for Truro Food Bank. Donations are being collected up to half term and can be left in a box outside of the Prep School Office. Our Year 6s have kindly been organising the collections.

We would like to thank all of our staff, students and pupils who have worked so hard to generate awareness of these charities and everyone who has shown their support and compassion this week.