Date Posted... Apr 21st 2023

A Marathon Effort for Mitchell

5th Year Mitchell has been juggling his GCSE revision with a mighty challenge over the Easter holidays; running the 4x4x48 Challenge.

Originally created by David Goggins, the runner must run 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours; the total distance of two marathons.

Mitchell, a keen sports enthusiast, explained, “After recovering from a few recent injuries I decided my Easter break from school, just before my GCSEs, was the perfect time to do it!

I started my first run on Friday the 7th of April at 15:58 then went on to run 4 miles every 4 hours for the next 48 hours. I had to run through the night twice and would have to say the second 04:00 run was definitely one of the hardest runs I have done in a while, as the tiredness was catching up with me and by this point I had already run over 36 miles and my legs were becoming extremely achy, especially my calves.

I ended up finishing my final 4 miles at 12:01 on Sunday the 9th of April [but] I decided I would try to take it to two marathons (52.4 miles) in 48 hours. I managed to accomplish this goal having finished 52.5 miles in the time of 44 hours and 39 minutes.”

Mitchell completed this challenge to raise money and awareness for the Royal Marines Charity. In the year of compassion, his inner strength and determination helped to keep him going. “What drove me to finish every run was that I always had in my mind the amount of mental suffering and torment marines have to go through to achieve their green beret and how much more some must go through when experiencing the terrible life of a combat zone. That’s what kept me going to always push through the tough times during the runs.”

Mitchell has raised over £650 so far and is hoping to reach a £1000 target. If you would like to support him to reach this goal, you can donate via his Just Giving Page.