Date Posted... Nov 30th 2023

2nd Years Present Charity Proposals

In a bid to make a positive impact, the 2nd Years took centre stage in the Burrell Theatre to present their proposals to the Community Action Team (CAT). The primary objective of their presentations was to determine which charity will receive support for the remainder of the academic year. The 2nd Years have been busy researching their charities and enthusiastically presented their proposals with excellent clarity and impact.

Head of 2nd Year, Danielle Overend, said, “Witnessing the 2nd Years passionately articulate their charity proposals was truly inspiring; their dedication to making a positive impact is commendable. I was particularly impressed by the depth of research and the genuine enthusiasm for their chosen charities.”

The Community Action Team, comprising dedicated pupils, students and staff, will carefully evaluate each presentation before making a collective decision on the chosen charity.

The first fundraising event for the chosen charity will be the Mince Pie Mile Run at the end of term.