Date Posted... Oct 19th 2020

Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

And here it is…the final Malvern blog of the half term! How did that happen?

Whilst it has been a LONG week with the house in isolation for the second time, I have been bowled over by the adaptability and strength of character that the girls have shown once again. Lessons have been taught and learnt remotely with the girls embracing learning from their bedrooms. Hearing the chorus of voices of my colleagues through the girls laptops as I wandered the corridors was surreal and I know the girls felt well supported and engaged. There has been the inevitable wobble here and there, and not just from them, but they have pulled through, helping and supporting each other and doing everything in their power to remain as positive and upbeat as possible. I must thank my staff team too, Mrs Wood, Mrs Thurlow and Miss Wright have been superb and I know I speak for the girls when I thank them for their tireless support.

The long-awaited news that the girls were free finally came through on Thursday evening. This was of course met with much cheer, joy and relief. Before we knew it the house emptied as the girls headed out and into the fresh air! Emergency visits to town were made and the hill up to the dining hall for supper was taken with a definite spring in their steps! Emily was thrilled to be able to book her train ticket back to Germany for her grandfather’s big birthday and Lisa was relieved that her travel details for the coming weekend did not need to be changed. It was full steam ahead for Friday’s L6th Quiz and Curry night too; much to Amy and Katie’s delight. Issy was able to re-join the house just in time for birthday cake in her honour and the girls went to bed looking forward to a full day of face to face teaching ahead.

The weekend quickly came about and Friday evening saw Amy, Katie, Steph and Charlotte attend this year’s L6th Quiz and Curry Night in the Assembly Hall. Despite having ‘the best team’ the girls did not return victorious but were quietly pleased with their third-place accolade. My curry doggy bag seemed to get lost somewhere along the line though…For the other girls, prep was completed and then the gym was visited. Some of the girls continued with their positivity pots and started thinking about the notes they would write for their housemates.

On Saturday morning after a lie in for all, the girls and I headed up the hill for a hearty brunch. With nothing planned for the day the girls used their time wisely; studying, attending virtual university open days, visiting town and a small group even headed out for a walk along the river to the local park. I in the meantime bought Tesco’s out of their Halloween supplies ready for the evening’s spooky social organised by Steph and Jess.

After supper the girls quickly disappeared to perfect their costumes and then regrouped in the common room for games and hilarity- Halloween style. Jess played host and lead the girls through a fantastic evening of pumpkin carving, eye ball in the brains fishing, mummy wrapping and doughnut eating.

On Sunday after brunch, we loaded the minibus and headed off to Wadebridge and the start of the Camel Cycle Trail. The girls, donning the brightest helmets soon left me for dust, speeding their way to Padstow. The weather was beautiful and it felt great to be out in the fresh air. Amy and Aim were the first to touch down in Padstow but were quickly joined by the rest of the girls with me bringing up the rear-I obviously had to stop to take in the scenery and take a photo or two.

Once in Padstow the girls pottered around the quaint harbour town, indulging in fish and chips and/or ice creams, pursuing a lovely little book store and buying Cornish fudge and tea. An hour and a half later it was back to the bikes and homeward bound.

Once back at school the usual Sunday evening rituals began. The girls have enjoyed a belly pork supper, completed prep and organised their rooms and laundry.

And that is it, the final blog of this half term. It seems like only yesterday that the girls arrived for their induction week and posed for the first day of school photo. They have thrown themselves into everything that Truro School, embracing the Covid challenges that have thwarted normality and made some great friendships and memories already. Mrs Wood, Mrs Thurlow, Ms Wright and I are so proud of the way they have settled and adapted to living away from home; we feel truly privileged to have been able to get to know this particular group of girls and we are really looking forward to the rest of the academic year!

When the girls return it will be November and the next half term will be just as busy. There is the small matter of mock examinations for our 5th year students and then towards the end of the term the focus will switch to all things Christmassy! Celebrations will no doubt be different this year and what we will and won’t be allowed to do is yet to be determined but one thing is for sure, we will celebrate in true Malvern style and I cannot wait!