Date Posted... Sep 28th 2020

Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

The Cornish sunshine is yet again shining down on us! Although I will say that we received what felt like a month’s rain overnight Thursday and into Friday. So, our international girls got to experience our first proper Cornish “liquid sunshine” of the school year!

We had an amazing time quad-biking yesterday afternoon then an evening of tie-dye t-shirt making and snack eating!

Firstly, I really can’t gloss over the start of the week. As you are aware, we put into operation our procedures for lockdown due to one of our lovely girls feeling unwell. It isn’t something that Mrs Mulready and I were looking forward to happening, but it appears that this is a part of our lives now, and we were fully prepared. I have to say that the girls were all amazing. They took everything in their stride with calmness and decorum, immediately following the rules that we had to implement. They were engaged in their lessons from their bedrooms during the school day and at breaks and lunch took the opportunity to share meals and some activities within the confines of the house. It really was humbling to see the camaraderie, empathy, compassion and support network that the girls built for each other and in particular our poorly girl. Although not ideal, those few days have definitely given the girls a very different learning opportunity in terms of patience, resilience and flexibility.

Friday night was very much a hot chocolate and movie kind of night. A few of our boarders left us to spend the weekend with their guardians and parents so the boarding house felt a little emptier than usual. You’ll see in one of my photos, Hattie’s impressive Friday evening sushi making skills!

Saturday morning dawned and after our usual 10am brunch we loaded up into our minibus and drove to the ATV Centre at Blackwater. We did this trip last year too but had the Trennick senior boys with us then. This year was an all-female affair and the girls didn’t let me down – they got kitted up, completed their training laps and hit the track with enthusiasm. Thirty minutes of adrenaline rush on the track had them talking about it for the rest of the day!

Saturday evening, after a supper of chicken fajitas courtesy of Chef Kath, it was tie-dye time! Each girl got a white t-shirt that they crumpled and swirled and held everything in place with elastic bands. Great activity to get all the girls being creative together.

Sunday was a lot less lively. A quiet calm has descended over the house whilst the girl’s complete laundry, some baking, prep and a quick trip into Truro. Some of the girls did get up early and headed to the gym for a work out. Now that our weekend trippers and our weekly boarders are back in the house I feel that my chicks are all back in the coop and we are ready to start another week.

Mrs Joanna Wood
Resident Tutor – Malvern