Date Posted... Sep 14th 2020

Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

We have been blessed this weekend with beautiful sunny skies and very summer like temperatures – perfect for a day’s swimming at Perranporth beach. More about that in a moment. So with the windows flung wide and the sun streaming in I’ll update you on what has been going on this week in Malvern.

This week was our first full week back at school and it has been very busy for the girls. I am pleased to report that all have gotten very quickly (back) into the rhythm of the school day and are successfully negotiating their way around our site, getting used to our new School-wide Covid procedures and completing that all-important prep in the evening. Getting back into the swing of things has been a challenge for all of us, hence several tired faces on Friday night, including mine.

I am staggered at how well this group of girls get on and the strong sense of camaraderie that there is already in the house – this weekend my ears have been ringing with the sounds of laughter and fun! During the week my ears were given a treat listening to Issy play the piano – another talented musician to join Katie and Evie.

There are so many things to tell you about; this week Hattie and Amy started their busy Fencing schedules, Lisa went on an Art Trip to St. Ives, we’ve played several games of Badminton in the SBA and…I am delighted to report, Jess is back in the kitchen baking up a storm. One of the worst things about not finishing the last school year due to Covid, was that I didn’t have the opportunity to eat any more of Jess’ delicious baking! So, I am very glad to see her return to complete her U6 year with us. I can’t even bear to think what I will do next year – maybe Jess can start training up one of the younger girls!

Friday night was pretty lively, with some of the girls playing games in the Common Room right up until bedtime. In contrast, Saturday during the day was fairly quiet. We had a lazy start with roll call not until 0955, a huge buffet brunch prepared by our lovely weekend chef, Kath and then the girls dispersed around the house to do laundry, prep or a quick masked up dash to Truro to grab supplies. I have to thank our house prefects Jess, Phoebe, Stephanie and our new L6 girls Hattie & Amy for helping me sort through the mountain of abandoned clothes from last year and for helping to reorganise the laundry room. I am very grateful for them giving up an hour of their Saturday.

The evening continued with the fine weather we had experienced all day, so the girls decided that sunset snacks and dusk games were the way to go. We sat on the field behind our Sports Centre and watched as the sun went down over Truro. When it was dark, the girls played get to know you games and laughter filled the slightly chilly night air. The highlight for me was the roly-poly chain with all the girls linking hands and feet and rolling down the hill. Hilarious to watch! Once I could no longer sit in the chilly night air we came back to the house for our final roll call and hot drinks.

Today, after brunch we loaded up onto one of Truro School minibuses and headed to Perranporth beach, with me firmly in the driving seat. There is nowhere more perfect than Cornwall in the sun and in particular Perranporth beach.

The girls had a fantastic time swimming and jumping the waves – without wetsuits! Apparently, it wasn’t that cold… I beg to differ! After a drying off and a change of clothes the girls headed with me to the ice-cream shop and then for a wonder around the shops..

Mrs Joanna Wood, Resident Tutor – Malvern