Date Posted... Dec 14th 2020

Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

This term has certainly flown by and it seems like only yesterday that the girls arrived from all corners of the world to embark, nervous yet excited, on their induction programme.

Whilst the usual Christmassy type things are not happening in quite the usual way or abundance this year the school and boarding houses have certainly felt Christmassy these last few weeks and this weekend has been no different.

The weekend started with a quiet Friday evening spent pottering in the house, relaxing and listening to music. End of term fatigue has definitely set in with a couple of the girls handing in their phones and turning lights out early, this is practically unheard of.

A good night’s sleep was all that was needed as the girls were up and eager on Saturday morning with the promise of a post-brunch visit into Truro to do some Christmas shopping. The girls fuelled up at brunch ready to ‘shop until they dropped’. The walk back up the hill afterwards was certainly a challenge with all the shopping bags.

The common room floor was quickly covered in wrapping paper, ribbon and glittery tape upon our return as the girls wrapped their gifts.

This weekend’s Saturday evening social saw the girls pair up to build and then decorate gingerbread houses! With Christmas tunes blasting out, and a few tasty snacks to keep them fuelled, the common room was buzzing with fun and laughter as the girls worked together to create the ultimate Christmas house; shouts of ‘stop eating the building’ added to the hilarity and I was impressed by the finished creations. Too good to eat in my opinion.

On Sunday the girls enjoyed a lie in before heading up the hill to the dining hall. After brunch they boarded the minibus with Mrs Wood and headed to St Agnes for a trip off site. Hot chocolates and tasty cakes were bought from famous Aggie café renowned for its tasty treats and ice creams, and the girls enjoyed getting a fresh air blast, despite the cold and windy weather.

Once everybody had had a chance to dry out and warm up the girls gathered in the common room to play Monopoly. I think it’s safe to say we have a couple of future shrewd business women in our midst!

This evening the girls have been readying themselves for the week ahead; homework has been completed, beds stripped and bags packed for the morning.

The last week (three days) will fly by and there are some treats in store come Wednesday. The whole school will enjoy a traditional English Christmas dinner, form secret Santa gifts will be exchanged and of course, there is the hotly contested and eagerly awaited ‘Trurovision’ to look forward to. I wonder whether there will be a boarding entry…

As this is the last blog of the year I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Pentreve staff team, Mrs Howe, Ms Fiol, Mrs Monnier-Gilchrist and (little) Miss Fiol for their tireless efforts this term; it has certainly been one like no other and their unfaltering support, adaptability and positivity has really made it much easier. The girls and I are super lucky to have them and I hope that they have a really happy Christmas and a much-deserved rest!

I look forward to welcoming the girls back and hearing all about their holidays in January. I hope they all have a really wonderful Christmas!

Mrs Sarah Mulready (Housemistress)