Date Posted... Oct 21st 2020

Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

It has been another busy week here in Pentreve House with the usual flurry of academic study, extra-curricular activity and of course there’s always room for some fun and cake.

The girls enjoyed some time to relax on Friday evening after their normal hour of prep. This included lots of music and singing along, mostly to the house favourite K-POP and BTS.

On Saturday morning we woke ready to head up to the dinning hall for our usual tasty brunch. Once filled with eggs, bacon, croissants and coffee we boarded the minibus and headed off to Falmouth. We enjoyed a walk around the quay and some free time for a stroll around Falmouth town. Some of the girls treated themselves to a new clothing item and others sought out the best snacks. Sadly, it was raining, but we didn’t allow that to dampen spirits and made the most of being out and about.

Upon returning to the house it was a hive of activity as the girls decorated the house with a Halloween theme including carving some very impressive pumpkin faces. The stage was then set for the spooky theme to continue with the girls settling in for the evening to watch ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. This was accompanied by pizza, humus and crudities and of course some popcorn.

On Sunday, thankfully, we had a day of delightful sunshine. After brunch some of the girls enjoyed a bounce on the trampoline and a fuss with the gorgeous Gustav our neighbours’ cat.

In the meantime, the kitchen was busy with Elodie preparing a Raspberry, Elderflower and Lemon drizzle cake and Diana using the pumpkin flesh to make us all a typical Ukrainian dish of Pumpkin Porridge. I have to say both were delicious and didn’t last for long!

An impromptu game of UNO showed who was the more competitive amongst the girls, and with the good weather continuing we decided to get out for some more fresh air; much to Dora’s delight. She really is spoilt to have so many girls fussing over her. She soon made sure she had all the attention as poor Gustav the cat wasn’t keen on sticking around when Dora showed up.

A warming meal of either Lamb, Mushroom and Spinach curry or Roast belly pork with all the trimmings went down very well at supper time. We then returned to a warm cosy house to spend the evening preparing for the week ahead with the knowledge that the end of the week brings us to a long-awaited half term break. After what has been a long and challenging half term the girls have certainly earned a relaxing break and although Miss Fiol and I will miss the laughter and chatter from the house we too are going to enjoy our break and look forward to the girls returning for the next half term in November.

Mrs Howe, Pentreve Resident Tutor