Date Posted... Oct 5th 2020

Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

The Cornish autumnal weather has truly set in this week with lots of rain and wild, windy weather. That hasn’t dampened the girl’s attitude towards facing the week with their usual enthusiasm though. It’s safe to say the girls are all fully settled into their school routine which, despite the obstacles tackled along the way so far this term, is remarkable – well done girls. In amongst the usual demanding academic schedule there was some time for extra-curricular activities including tennis, netball hockey, music and surfing!

Tuesday morning roll call started with a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ as we celebrated Jana turning 15. Jana was presented with a llama cake, cards and best wishes from all the girls and staff, although still a little sleepy Jana was delighted with the surprise.

Friday evening after school was spent enjoying a comforting meal of pizza followed by crumble and custard up at the dining hall. It was then back to the house where we closed the door on the wind and rain to catch up on prep and relax.

The girls enjoyed an extra hour in bed on Saturday morning before heading back to the dining hall for a hearty brunch. We then stayed on site to enjoy a couple of hours in our wonderful Cookery School where Miss Taylor and Chef AJ had weighed out enough ingredients to feed an army! The girls had a fabulously fun morning making chocolate brownies, cupcakes, pizza, nachos and chilli, barbeque chicken wings, crudités and blue cheese dip. What a feast! There was lots of laughter and even some tears – thanks to the onions! It may surprise some of you but the Cookery school team were very impressed with the level of skill the girls showed and they were particularly pleased with how well they cleaned up!

On Saturday evening after supper the plan was for the girls to all gather in the common room at 8pm to enjoy the feast they had prepared earlier and they decided to go for a dose of nostalgia and watch Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, we were slightly late getting started due to an untimely fire alarm, a false alarm thankfully caused by steam from a shower! When the Fire service arrived, they were very understanding and happy to know that we were all safe, they were particularly delighted when presented with a tray of cupcakes, a pizza and a portion of chilli made by the girls earlier. The Fire fighters happily posed for a photo armed with their unexpected gifts.

With the excitement of the fire alarm and evacuation behind us the girls settled in to tables laden with food and pressed play, the familiar sound of the Harry Potter theme tune, quiet chatter, the clanking of plates and opening of food packaging assured me of complete contentment all-round. It is such a pleasure to see these ‘boarding sisters’ bonding and enjoying simple pleasures in each other’s company.

Sunday morning meant a nice lazy start for most of the girls this week and the house was quit until just before roll call and brunch. There was no such lie in for Jess though; she was up and out early to attend the morning service at the Cathedral.

The rest of the girls enjoyed brunch then returned to the house as quickly as possible to avoid yet another downpour of rain. Some of the girls decided to give in to the rain, snuggle in the common room and watch the next Harry Potter, a very wise choice – surely what rainy Sunday afternoons are made for! Even Dora didn’t want to venture out into the wet and after an exhausting play and crumb collection in the common room she too snuggled in for the afternoon awwww!

The girls spent the evening preparing for a new week ahead and are busy saying their fond farewells to Jess who sadly leaves us to return home tomorrow morning; we wish Jess safe journey and hope she enjoys her next chapter.

Mrs Justine Howe – Resident House Tutor