Date Posted... Mar 22nd 2021




Girls’ Boarding Blog

Firstly, Mrs Mulready and myself were thrilled to hear on Friday that several of our L6 girls had been appointed as subject prefects. The virtual handshakes were particularly funny! Well done girls! Business: Aim, Chemistry: Amy, Music: Issy, Music, Charity and Chapel: Katie, Physics: Issy Fu.

Friday afternoon arrived after a long week of lessons, practices, after school activities and of course prep work. Our 5th Year and Upper Sixth are working hard and keeping focused as they approach their last few months of their respective milestones. Supper on Friday was an outstanding Moroccan mezze with tagine, flatbread, hummus, avocado, fried onions and other delights. Thank you, Chef Trevor, for that delicious start to the weekend! Our evening consisted of prep work, Scrabble, card games and a good workout in the fitness suite. The girls went to bed rather tired but definitely happy.

Saturday morning dawned and we realised it was the first day of spring/Spring Equinox – it definitely felt warmer out, so fingers crossed spring is definitely here to stay! At morning roll call we also took a couple of moments to celebrate World Happiness Day and we talked about the emphasis this year being on; keeping calm (understanding and recognising the things that are out of our control and taking the time to accept the situation, breathe and focus on the things we can control); staying wise (making wise, positive choices that can help our wellbeing) and being kind (the importance of supporting each other as much as possible).

After brunch we headed to our weekend activity which this week was held in the Art Studio with our very own Art Technician Delphine. Delphine went to London School of Fashion and is a graphic designer, fashion designer, fashion illustrator, entrepreneur and has an Instagram following. She shared with us how she starts the design phase of a new collection and showed the girls how to do some fashion illustration. It was a fabulous couple of hours with all sorts of designs, ideas, mediums. We can’t wait to go back and learn more and try different activities.

Saturday evening after a lasagne/ pizza supper the girls headed back to the house to prep for their Saturday night social. This weekend it was a mocktails and casino games (no money exchanged hands!) and Phoebe emerged the victor beating Jess with a full house.

Sunday morning dawned and after a lovely lie in the girls headed up for brunch. The day progressed with a relaxed pace. The junior girls took Dora (Mrs Howe’s puppy) for a walk to Boscawen park and the older girls completed prep, did laundry and baked. The highlight of the afternoon was the house Covid testing session! I am pleased to report that everyone was negative.

All that is left to do this evening is to pack school bags, uniform out, beds changed and get ready for the week ahead – our last full week before the Easter holidays…until next time…

Mrs Joanna Wood and Mrs Justine Howe, Resident Tutors (Malvern/Pentreve)