Date Posted... Sep 16th 2021

Girls’ Boarding Blog

Malvern House Weekly Blog 06/09/2021 – 12/09/2021

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog. I am just as excited as the girls to start at Truro School and in Malvern House this year. This week and the weekend have given me some wonderful opportunities to get to know the girls and their amazing personalities; I can tell that we are in for a lot of joy and laughter this year!

A busy first full week of school has been completed, and Malvern has been buzzing with exciting new experiences and happy reunions. The girls have embraced the easing of restrictions, allowing them to have visitors after school and in the evenings. It has been great to see the girls involving themselves in the SBA sports centre’s after-school activities. It appears that badminton is set to be a popular pastime in Malvern this year. Overall, it has been lovely to hear the laughter, and musical melodies, coming from all corners of the house.

Friday night was noticeably quieter this week, with the weekly boarders off home and a few Art and English students away on a trip to Cape Cornwall. After a delicious evening meal with a large selection of scrummy desserts, the girls came back to the house to finalise some prep before relaxing and getting ready for the weekend ahead. Some of the Lower 6th used the ping pong table and got to know some of the Trennick boys before returning inside to play cards after deciding it was too dark!

The Saturday lie-in was greatly appreciated by all except Leora, who was up before me! Leora dedicatedly worked on her art and even squeezed in an extra Spanish lesson, all before brunch! After yet another delicious meal from Cath and her team, the girls had a few hours to finish unpacking, sorting rooms and getting ahead on any prep before the weekend fun really started.

This week’s activity was a true Cornish introduction… surfing! I was thrilled at how many girls plunged into the cold Cornish sea and gave the new skill a really good try. Meanwhile, those who couldn’t be persuaded into the cold waters went and found ice creams, cream teas, pizzas and a giant tennis ball. The overarching conclusion of their time in the waves was ‘tiring’. However, this did not stop the seniors from cooking a BBQ and hosting social games with Trennick and Pentreve. Overall it was a very foody day!

After an eventful Saturday, the girls definitely deserved a relaxing Sunday before yet another exciting week at school. Final room decorations were completed with boxes eventually disassembled and put out for recycling, and shelves were filled with reminders of home. After the 1:30 pm roll call, many girls went off into town for cinema visits, shopping for smart clothes attire and coffees….it really is no wonder that our coffee machine ran out of hot chocolate powder!

As the evening dawned, the girls settled into the house for the night, stripping their beds and completing any last-minute washing emergencies. There has been an air of excitement all evening as thoughts of what challenges and experiences the next week will bring begin to circulate!
I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and it has given you an insight into what your girls have been up to. I have certainly had a lot of fun this weekend, and I am sure it will continue.

Miss Abby Flowers
Resident Tutor (Malvern Boarding House)

PENTREVE HOUSE BLOG 06/09/2021 – 12/09/2021

What a busy week we’ve had here at Truro School; I think it’s safe to say that we were all pleased when the weekend arrived! I am so proud of how well all the girls in our Pentreve Family have coped with their first full week of school and all the daunting expectations this has brought, especially for all our new boarders.

The girls have settled well into the daily school routine, and it is so lovely to have returned to ‘normal’ without the small group restrictions of the last year or so.

Clubs and activities started at the beginning of the week, and the girls have jumped right in, trying a good number of them so far. Just a few examples; Lina tried lifesaving, and hockey kept Pippa, Carla and Lina busy one afternoon. Marley turned her hand to badminton and netball; Luzia tackled squash and trampolining. Angie and Percy played basketball while Macarena did a number of sessions in the fitness suite with new friends.

Graci’s commitment to fencing and high level of training continues to be admirable, and Elodie has been active both in school and out with swim club and netball. Natalie is kept very busy with her commitments as a chorister at Truro Cathedral and many other musical endeavours.
After school on Friday, we wished Elodie, Graci, Mili and Natalie a lovely weekend as they headed home for a few nights.

To welcome in the weekend, the rest of us put on our ‘chill-out’ clothes and, after supper and a more informal prep in-house, started the weekend in earnest. Some decided to walk to the local supermarket to stock up on goodies, and some continued their fitness activities by going to the gym or playing basketball. At the same time, those of us still in Pentreve took a more relaxed approach enjoying a huge tub of Celebrations chocolates (we did keep plenty for the more active girls too!) and watched a movie, played a couple of games or chatted while listening to music.

Saturday brought sunshine and a wonderfully fun, active day for us all. After fuelling ourselves at brunch, we headed to Perranporth Beach. Many of our boarders put on wetsuits and spent a couple of hours in the water enjoying a surfing lesson; apparently, the water was even warm and welcoming! For those not surfing, there was plenty to enjoy. A few sauntered around the shops looking for bargains. Angie, Percy, Chloe and Jessie showed us their beach volleyball skills. It was lovely to see Lily, Sarah and Marley thoroughly enjoying themselves splashing in the river and even building in the sand! Of course, a trip to the beach would not have been complete without an ice cream!

We had a boarders’ social evening in and around Pentreve house and gardens to round a wonderful day off. Our 5th Year girls joined the Seniors’ BBQ outside, where the boys from Trennick did a very good job cooking! The junior boys and girls took over the kitchen, courtyard and games room for fun and games. Energised by the snacks and treats on offer, four teams battled it out to win supreme at Smite, an addictive garden game. Many of the boarders quickly got very good at planning their throws; I admittedly, on the other hand, do need more practice!

A welcomed leisurely start to Sunday meant we headed up to brunch at 10:45. Although it has been overcast today, it is still warm, so we took the opportunity to take a walk to Boscawen Park with the junior boys from Trennick accompanied by our family dog Tiggs, whom the girls have already adopted into the Pentreve family unit! After enjoying ice-creams or iced coffees, we spent a social hour and a half being ‘kids’ again on the swings, zip wire, and generally having fun. This evening has been a quieter time getting ourselves ready for the new week, pulling together laundry and bedding to go into the school laundry in the morning and finishing off the last little bits of prep. Wishing you all an enjoyable week!

Mrs Muffy Dawson
Pentreve Resident Tutor