Date Posted... Jun 21st 2021




Girls’ Boarding Blog

Good afternoon from Malvern Boarding House! I can hardly believe that another week is done and it feels like we are racing downhill towards the end of term.

This week the L6 girls have been back in lessons after completing exam week and the U6 girls have been taking part in the various bridging programmes that are taking place here at School. The highlight of the week for Issy T, Hattie and Lisa was their Psychology trip to Newquay Zoo. They had beautiful weather whilst they were studying the behaviour of the animals.

On Wednesday evening, the Senior girls and boys headed off to Trelissick to enjoy an hour of fresh air and downtime away from laptop screens.

When 3.50pm on Friday came the girls and I definitely had that “Friday feeling” we knew there was lots to be excited about. After supper and a short prep session the girls and I grabbed the tie-dye kit and made a start on our Rainbow Run t-shirts (Issy and Hattie how did you escape my camera?!). Once they were sitting in their little bags letting the colour soak in, the girls headed in all sorts of directions. Some to the fitness suite, some to play volleyball with the senior boys. Issy and AJ went to play tennis together and Hattie and I took up our regular seats in front of the England vs Scotland Euro 2020 football match. A tad disappointing for us, but we enjoyed commentating from our sofas! After 10pm roll call – and very unusually – the girls all headed to bed. In fact, I didn’t see the girls at all after 10.30pm they were all so tired.

Saturday morning dawned and some of us remembered that we had to rinse our tie-dye t-shirts out ready for the evening and so got up early to get that job done, others had a solid lie-in and just about made it to 09.50 roll call. I will let you guess which of those two camps your own daughter fell into!

After brunch we headed to the minibus to meet the junior girls and with Ms Fiol behind the wheel we drove to Goonbell Stables near St Agnes for our horse-riding trek. The sun was shining, the horses smelt divine and I was super happy to be finally getting the girls out to share with them my favourite activity! Several of the girls had never been on a horse before and despite being nervous they got up onto their horses and looked like pros within minutes. I am pretty sure that they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and for some it reignited their riding passion and are keen to go again!

Saturday afternoon was spent resting, in town, doing laundry and generally getting ready for our Saturday Evening Social…the RAINBOW RUN in aid of Children’s Hospice South West – a very special charity to the boarding community.

At 7.45pm all of the boarding community gathered to run 5K – their way (walk, run, cartwheel whatever they liked). Unfortunately, the weather was not pleasant to us and so the event took place in the Cornish mizzle but it did not dampen our spirits. With music, hot dogs, ice lollies, water guns and rainbow squash we had a fantastic time raising money and coming together as a community.

On Sunday the girls enjoyed a lie in with the house quiet until just before 10.30am when Amy left for orchestra rehearsals. The other girls made the most of a chance for a quieter start to the day. After brunch the weekend chef Kath taught Hattie how to make her delicious and protein staked shakes whilst Issy and Phoebe joined the boys for golf at Truro Golf club!

This afternoon the girls have done some baking and made use of the common areas in the house. The evening has been spent completing prep, sorting rooms and laundry and generally getting our heads back into school mode after the busy weekend!

This week is largely normal in terms of the school day. We will; head out as a boarding community on Tuesday evening and the eagerly awaited Sports Day/House Events Day is calendared for Thursday. Next Sunday will see us strawberry picking at Trevaskis Farm and our Saturday evening social is set to be a BBQ (in place of our usual supper) and then a rounders tournament!

Mrs Joanna Wood (Resident Tutor)