Date Posted... Jan 14th 2021

Boys’ Boarding Blog

This week was marked by the UK rapidly heading into a lockdown, but once again the Trennick community rose admirably to the challenge and welcomed back several of the boarders. There are currently ten boarders staying in Trennick and they have already formed themselves into a tight knit support group. For example, it was great to see Solomon from  (1st Year) enjoy playing pool with Pietro (Sixth), and Trevor (Sixth) insisting that Frank (4th Year) sits with him during meal times.

The new lockdown restrictions mean that evening and weekend activities are limited to the school grounds and the local area. The boarders can leave the boarding house once a day for exercise and have been encouraged to do so. Lorenzo and Gabriel have been running around the school fields in the early morning before breakfast. David has been making good use of the school’s outdoor basketball court. Frank and Chun have been enjoying playing table tennis in the courtyard outside the house.

Mr Hatfield took the boys onto the school’s pitches on Friday evening. It was a beautiful clear night with many stars to view; the boys were introduced to the app SkyView Lite and they used it to identify famous constellations such as Orion and Ursa Major.

On Saturday evening, Lorenzo organised a cookery lesson when he taught the boys to cook Spaghetti Bolognese. Roland, Chun, Trevor, Gabriel and Lorenzo enjoyed the meal in the house kitchen.

The boys have all adjusted well to learning online – they seem to be enjoying the stimulation and engaging well with the learning process. The boys also report that they feel safe and they are happy with the restrictions in place about only leaving the house to exercise.