Date Posted... Feb 8th 2024




Boarding Highlights

Boarders have been enjoying an action-packed few weekends filled with adventure and wellbeing activities.

In Plymouth, boarders braved the exhilarating ‘viper drop’ and indulged in tubing and tobogganing at the dry ski slope, while successfully avoiding the wind and rain.

Meanwhile, back on the school site, a focus on wellbeing saw students enjoying healthy snacks, pampering sessions, and a birthday celebration for Marie, complete with singing and chocolate cake. Throughout the weekend, boarders participated in mindfulness, yoga, and brain gym workshops to prioritise their wellbeing.

They also celebrated Chinese New Year with a delicious hotpot feast and explored virtual reality experiences, hinting at potential house competitions in the future. Leora’s Chinese Quiz added to the excitement, with Asia and Taerim emerging as winners. Overall, the weekends have showcased the vibrant spirit and sense of community within the boarding houses.