Date Posted... Mar 24th 2023

A Celebration of our Values and Community

Pupils and staff gathered this week for a whole school assembly that celebrated our School’s values and achievements.

Led by Head of Truro School, Andy Johnson, the assembly began with the value of Courage, first celebrating pupils who had participated in Monday’s Hall for Cornwall concert. In particular, the international boarders and day pupils who stood up to speak in different languages on stage. Head’s Commendations were given to Asia, Aom, Tara, Ollie, Rod, Macarena, Seb, Franca, Matti, Alice, Leora, Cyrus, Chloe, Isaac, Diana, William, Chris, Taerim, Gabriel Ol, Parnika, Roberts and Wendy.

The 1st years were also mentioned for the courage they showed in their performance on the night, as were the 2nd years for their stunning Shakespeare Festival that also took place this week.

Confidence was celebrated in relation to the Charity Concert, held at the start of the month, which is entirely pupil-led. Ms Lobb’s Army Fitness recruits were recognised for their progress in strength, physical fitness and the confidence they give each other in team exercise and mutual support.

Those who were involved in the Junior Play and Mr Oldfield’s latest short film were commended for their Creativity. An additional Head’s Commendation was given to Martha, who has created geological origami to donate to the Geology Department, her brachiosaurus being of particular note.

In every successful team, there is a necessity for Compassion and here, many of our recent sporting achievements were noted in relation to the way that our athletes display the appetite to understand and encourage others for mutual support and gain. Examples include the talents of the 5th Year Netball Team, Golf Team, 4th Year Netball Team, U12 Girls and Boys Hockey Teams, our Squash Team, swimmers, footballers and gold medal judoists, Andrew and Ben.

There were rewards for curiosity too; for those who took part in the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad, including Soumya whose score placed her in the top 1.25% of the UK’s chemistry students and 1st Year Jack, who has come 3rd in the National Enginuity Skills Awards for 2023.

Our values are seen not only in isolation but also in combination. This week, 3L organised a charity event, which impressed us with their determination and commitment, their courage and compassion.

To close, the Head recognised all of those pupils who engage positively with the community and have been rewarded with a combined 30,000 merits so far this year, with 1st Years Freddie and Gabriel Or accounting for over 100 each so far this year.

The individuals and teams recognised were just a snapshot of what our School is capable of, a few photos of which have been collated below.

The Head closed the Assembly with a prayer and a reminder that “today’s successes are worth celebrating, tomorrow’s challenges are worth facing and yesterday’s failures cannot define us.”

A Celebration of our Values