Date Posted... Oct 22nd 2021



Ready, Set, Go for the Maths Olympics!

There was some marvellous maths for some of our Year 6 pupils today as Mr Goddard hosted a lively and inspiring mini-maths Olympics.

The children were split into pairs and chose team names (including Team GB and Team Chimpanzees) before tackling three tantalisingly tricky rounds of maths-based questions.

The first round had questions written on balloons with separate answers to match them to. The bonus round was hidden inside the balloon, so there was much excitement and popping in class!

The second round was outside on the netball courts; the teams had to race around solving questions within a set time limit. Some of the questions were extremely hard, but the children relished the challenge.

There were bonus points on offer for finishing first and top behaviour, and the children loved getting stuck into such an exciting lesson. With thanks to Mr Goddard for organising it. We look forward to whole year group Olympics next term!