Date Posted... Jul 3rd 2024

A Joyful Prep Concert

This year’s Prep Concert was a wonderful collective cacophony of music, talent and laughter.

The afternoon began with the Sambal, directed by Mr Weeks and led by Edie. The on-point rhythm provided an upbeat start to the concert and led beautifully to our Year 3 children. Their rendition of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ had everyone swaying and singing along to the chorus, while their percussion instruments, fondly named ‘Harry and the Boomwhackers’ provided a well-kept beat.

The interlude followed with a selection of jokes from Mr Morse, before the Orchestra, directed by Mr MacQuarrie played songs including ‘Noble Maiden Fair’ and ‘Blue Sky’.

It was then the turn of our Year 4 pupils, who combined the violin, ukulele and guitar, showcasing talents from beginner to more experienced players. It was a fantastic opportunity for the year to come together and enjoy the thrill of creating music as a large group.

Mr Morse then made a special guest appearance with the talented Brass Group, whose rendition of ‘Money, Money, Money’, directed by Mr Pope was a toe-tapping affair.

After more jokes from our Truro School Prep Head, the Year 5’s transported us on a musical journey to Japan, with music played on the ukulele, percussion, xylophones, flutes and violin. It was a magical and delightful moment.

With a beautiful rendition of ‘Kusimama’ completed, our Year 6 Beauty and the Beast crew gave the audience a thrilling recap of this term’s outstanding performance.

The audience, pupils and staff body brought the afternoon to a close with ‘Cornwall My Home’ and some rousing ‘Oggy Oggy Oggy’ chants. It was an emotional, moving and exceptional display of musical talent, courage and collectiveness. Well done to all of our pupils.

Thank you to our Truro School Prep parents for their ongoing support and encouragement, both at the concert and throughout the academic year. Special thanks to our  Peripatic Music Teachers, Mr MacQuarrie and Angela Renshaw, who provided the energy and the heart of the concert from start to finish.