Date Posted... Jan 26th 2022

Year 4 Hockey V Truro High School

Tuesday 25th January 2022
Year 4 hockey v Truro High School
Well done to our Year 4 girls who played in the hockey matches against Truro High School yesterday.
Arriving at the Astro pitch beforehand gave us plenty of extra time to prepare for their games. The children practised moving with the ball at different speeds, changing direction, stopping the ball, push passing the ball and tackling each other in pairs.
The games were ‘coached games’ – sometimes conditioned; for example, passing only, with no tackling or dribbling (to encourage the children to move into space and give them time for decision-making on the ball), before removing the conditions and allowing them to pass, dribble, tackle and shoot.
We were pleased with everyone’s determination and teamwork. In particular, Maya, Megan, Teresa, Sylvie and Eleanor – who all worked hard to move the ball into space and listen carefully to the rules of the game.
Sally Luxton