Date Posted... Jan 27th 2020




Year 2 search for ‘The Lost Words’

The children in Year 2 have been studying the book ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The children have discovered the names of animals and plants that are disappearing from our countryside and also how the use of the language around nature is vanishing.

The children explored the book and wrote their own ‘spells’ to conjure the words and creatures back into existence. Year 2 also learnt about the paintings that Jackie Morris created and painted their own watercolour pictures. Whilst writing their spells, the children listened to music inspired by The Lost Words book called Spell Songs.

Teresa –  I liked mixing the colours up and when I wrote adjectives in my spell

Hetty – Doing the writing, the poem, because it was about an otter and it makes me think about my favourite animal

Ottilie – I enjoyed the spell that I’ve written and learnt that animals are endangered

Jack – I’ve learnt that that we help the animals that are disappearing and make them come back to life with a spell we have written.

Sylvie – I’ve enjoyed learning more about animals and doing the painting

Jenny – I’ve enjoyed painting and bringing colours to life and I love the way I wrote about how silent the creature is.

Aubrey – I made my own spell book about creatures at home because I wanted to write more spells.

Leo – I’ve learnt that there’s animals in danger that I didn’t know were in danger. I enjoyed writing and making up ideas.

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