Date Posted... Dec 3rd 2019




Prep Sports

Under 11 Netball v Claires Court School

On Friday 8th November, our Year 6 girls hosted Claire’s Court School, on tour from Maidenhead, for an afternoon of netball.

With many of the girls not having played netball since April, it was a really good opportunity for us to dust off our shooting skills, and remind ourselves of how much fun netball really is.

Team Australia

Squad: Beth, Florence, Imogen, Alice, Felicity, Amy, Zara, Bou, Harriet.

Claires Court provided some strong opposition, but the Truro girls showed great teamwork and enthusiasm to create some excellent attacking periods of play. Beth was quick to move into space. Some great passes from Alice and Zara meant that the ball was moved down the court with fluency, and Imogen was able to score a great goal.

Team New Zealand

Squad: Emilia, Ella, Lowena, Beatrice, Tilly-Rose, Farrah, Lilia (timekeeper), Annabel, Sasha, Mimi.

This was a close game, with both teams scoring plenty of goals. Claires Court goal attack was very consistent, rarely missing a shot. Our goal attack, Ella, moved well around the shooting circle, and scored several goals. Farrah was very strong at centre, defending well and making countless interceptions.

At netball club, we have been working hard on our ability to move on an angle and accurate passing, so it was really nice to see it put into practice within a match.

At the end of the game, Harriet and Farrah were named players of the match, and all the girls sat down to a hot match tea with the opposition, before they headed off on the rest of their tour.

Lucie Egford / Sally Luxton