Date Posted... Oct 13th 2023




Prep Sports

U9 Hockey Tournament

Plymouth College Under 9 Girls’ Hockey Festival 

A great learning experience 

Well done to all of those selected to play in the Under 9 hockey festival, hosted by Plymouth College, on Thursday 12th October 2023. 

Other schools attending included Maynard, Exeter, Mount Kelly and Stover – this meant that each team played five matches during the afternoon.  

Although normal hockey rules applied, the emphasis was on making the matches flow as much as possible. This also made it a great learning experience for all teams. 

Results were promising – our team had several draws with experienced teams from Plymouth College and Maynard School, as well as some closely contested games with Mount Kelly, Stover and Exeter School. 

Congratulations to Sienna and Audrey, who were both awarded medals for their attitude and progress at the event. Sienna was chosen because she worked extremely hard in every match and impressed everyone with her incredible speed. Audrey was selected for her progress with her defending skills, which allowed the team to regain possession of the ball on numerous occasions. 

Our next step for player development is to encourage as many children as possible to join us at the after-school hockey training on Fridays at Truro School. Playing regularly on an astroturf pitch is essential for developing technical skills and tactical awareness.