Date Posted... Nov 6th 2019

U17 Stratford Cadet Sabre and the Senior Hamlet Sabre Competitions

Last weekend saw another series of brilliant performances by the Truro School sabre fencers.

This time the squad travelled to Stratford-Upon-Avon to compete in both U17 Stratford Cadet Sabre and the Senior Hamlet Sabre competitions for male and female fencers.

14-year-old Lexie Craze continued her amazing run of form, taking the gold medal in the U17 Women’s event, with team-mate Aimee Whitelegg, 13, reaching the top 16.

Lexie went on to reach the top 16 of the senior women’s event, with Truro School alumni Hannah O’Reilly scoring a top 8 finish.

In the U17 men’s sabre, Darcy Holdsworth took the silver medal and Max Cromie placed an excellent 5th, and Henry Martin, Sam Horne and Amari Lawal all reached the top 32.

The senior men’s event saw some outstanding performances from younger fencers:

Darcy Holdsworth, 16, won Bronze in a top-class field of 80 adult fencers, with Max Cromie also performing brilliantly to teach the top 8. Truro School alumni Josh Maxwell and Bertie Holdsworth also made the top 8.

Following the weekend of competition, the latest GB international selections were made for the next round U17 European events and U20 world cups. Truro School’s current and past pupils feature very highly:

GB u17 squad


Lexie Craze



Darcy Holdsworth

Max Cromie

Roman Norris

Henry Martin


GB U20 Squad

Darcy Holdsworth

Max Cromie



Luke Haynes

Bertie Holdsworth

Sam Boorne

Hannah O’Reilly

Reserve: Molly Wood