Date Posted... Feb 27th 2024

Partnership and Legacy: Truro School Art Collection

Local artists, educators and members of the Truro School community gathered together on Saturday for the private viewing of ‘The Truro School Art Collection Goes on an Outing’.

Over 80 guests attended, including some of the artists whose works are featured in the Collection. It was a huge delight to welcome David Heseltine, former Head of Art at Truro School, without whom the Collection would not exist and whose 30-year legacy with the school has left a profound impact on the careers and lives of many in the Truro School Community and beyond.

Mr Johnson set the tone for the event by highlighting this as an Exhibition of partnership as well as of art – between the school, the museum, and the community, between the artists and the inspirational environment of Cornwall. He thanked David, Henrietta, Annie-May, (Old Truronian) Polly CO97 and the many other people involved in bringing this event together.

The Royal Cornwall Museum provided an elegant setting for the Collection, creating a warm and engaging atmosphere for guests to reflect on the past and engage in meaningful discussions.

A heartfelt thank you to all attendees who made this event truly special; it was wonderful to share the space with those impacted by David’s legacy and those currently involved in the future of the Truro School Art Collection.

The exhibition is on public display in the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro until 18 May 2024 (admission charges apply when entering the Museum).