Date Posted... Mar 26th 2024

Final U6 Field Trip around the Lizard 2024

Our Upper Sixth Geologists recently completed their final field trip around the Lizard in Cornwall, exploring the geological wonders of the peninsula. This excursion provided a valuable opportunity for the students to revisit and solidify the knowledge they have acquired over the past two years, especially as they approach their final exams. From the rugged cliffs of Parbean Cove, showcasing evidence of continental collision and landslides, to the insights offered by the Lizard boundary fault at Porthallow, each site highlighted different aspects of the ophiolite suite.

At Godrevy Cove, students observed dykes intruding into previous magma chambers beneath the ocean floor, while Coverack provided a unique perspective on the transitional boundary between the crust and mantle. Lastly, at Poltisco Cove, the group had the rare chance to examine ‘fresh’ unweathered peridotite, a sight seldom seen on the Earth’s surface.

Reflecting on their journey back to school, the students were able to recall and identify a total of twelve distinct rock types encountered throughout the day. Miss Hope and Mr Blackie expressed their gratitude to the students for their dedication, active participation, and camaraderie over the past four years of studying Geology.