Date Posted... Nov 23rd 2023

Discovering New Talents in Ceramics

Wednesday Afternoon Activities (WAA’s)  allow pupils to explore interests, cultivate new skills, uncover hidden talents, or simply try something completely new. We dropped into the ceramics activity, where pupils were engrossed in clay slab building and developing relief designs inspired by their research on local surroundings, architecture and artists.

One 4th Year pupil, Jackson, explained he has been working on a piece of slab work inspired by the sea, waves and rocks. He has applied  underglaze and will then glass-glaze it before it is fired in the kiln.

Another lovely piece of artwork was crafted by A-Level student Lizzie, who is currently studying biology, chemistry, and geology. Lizzie’s artistic talents have flourished during the Wednesday Afternoon Activity.  Her project has been inspired by the renowned American artist Frank Stella and her work really stands out; she explained that these Wednesday afternoons offer her a delightful break from her academic pursuits.

All pupils are introduced to ceramics in 1st and 2nd Year.   As they progress, they can further develop their skills in this medium through scheduled art classes and, of course, this popular Wednesday afternoon activity.