Date Posted... Jun 24th 2022




Prep Sports

Determination and Smiles at Prep Sports Day

It was another gloriously sunny day as our Prep pupils took to the School field for their Sports Day.

Parents and supporters were there to cheer on teams and individuals in events including long jump, hurdles, sprints and relays. Every pupil was encouraged to take part in events designed to be fun as well as challenging. It was wonderful to see our children rise to the occasion and encourage their peers to do their best in each event.

As the day drew to a close, there was a fiercely contested House tug-of-war competition, which provided some brilliant photos, before a final presentation for each year’s victor and victrix ludorum and the House Cup.

Thank you to all of the brilliant staff and helpers who made the day such a success, to all of the parents who braved the sunshine and to every pupil who showed true determination and compassion throughout the day.

Self-belief, making the impossible possible

Passion, having the drive to be your very best

Over the moon, joy at the unexpected tiny successes

Respect, encouraging each other, celebrating, commiserating

Teamwork, taking the strain in the tug-of-war competition

Sunshine, the mercury rising to 21 degrees, gazebo shade, refilling water bottles

Determination, when the going gets tough, the tough get going

At last you understand…

You can do it!


Overall house results

House results: 1st = Smith (429 points), 2nd = Vinter (387 points), 3rd = School (371 points), 4th = Wickett (356 points)


Victor / Victrix Ludorum

Year 3 – Henry Mc and Ellie L

Year 4 – George M and Megan P

Year 5 – Henry M and Winnie W

Year 6 – James H and Sanna B