Date Posted... Dec 6th 2019




Prep Sports

Cross Country runners

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Cross country at Polwhele House School

On Wednesday afternoon, we took a team of Year 5 and Year 6 children to Polwhele House School for cross country. Other schools attending included Truro High School and Polwhele House School.

All the selected children regularly attend our after-school cross country training sessions, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Incredibly, a spell of drier weather meant that the woods were open for our cross country races. However, conditions along the bottom of the course were extremely muddy. This made for testing conditions for all of our runners – a flat, fast start around their top fields, followed by a steady long descent, selecting the best route through the lower section of the course, then a steep uphill section to the final stages of the race.

Year 5

Squad: Felix, Charlie, Maddox, Trystan, William, Olliver, Lucy, Lilly, Clara, Ayesha, Lola, Evie, Amelia, Grace and Flo.

This was a strong team performance, with some exceptional individual results. All of our runners finished in the top fifteen places in their races.

Our top three boys were Felix (1st), Charlie (2nd) and Maddox (3rd). Our top three girls were Lucy (1st), Lilly (2nd) and Clara (6th).

Year 6

Squad: Woody, Jacob, Oscar, Inigo, Harriet, Beth, Annabelle, Alice, Felicity, Tilly-Rose and Imogen.

Another cracking team performance, with all of our runners finishing in the top fifteen places in their races.

Our top three boys were Woody (1st), Jacob (2nd) and Oscar (3rd). Our top three girls were Harriet (1st), Beth (4th) and Annabelle (6th).

My star of the day was Ayesha (Year 5), who managed to complete the extremely muddy course in her brother’s football boots. Not impressed yet? You will be when I tell you that she realised at the event that they weren’t fitted with shoelaces!