Date Posted... Jan 25th 2024



What Makes a Boarding House a Home

In our boarding house, the essence of ‘home’ is carefully crafted through a unique blend of friendships, shared experiences, and a profound sense of belonging. Our dedicated boarding team ensure the smooth functioning of the house, but a clean, well-maintained building is just the beginning. At Truro School, we strive to foster a nurturing environment where children from diverse cultural backgrounds are celebrated for their individuality. Weekly activities such as Yoga, cookery and arts & crafts prioritise our boarders’ well-being, ensuring they are happy, settled and cared for. Excursions, including surfing and horse-riding, not only leverage our unique Cornish environment but also create shared experiences that bind our boarders together.

Home-cooked meals enjoyed in a communal dining setting, and delightful birthday cakes, prepared by our resident houseparent, cultivate a familial atmosphere. Shared living spaces serve as the backdrop for late-night conversations, laughter, and the mentorship of house staff, forming a genuine sense of home for our boarders.

Head of Boarding, David McKeown, commented, “We strive to create a genuine home for our boarders. It goes beyond the buildings; it’s about shared laughter, friendships, and the supportive environment that defines family. Our goal is to cultivate a sense of belonging, where each boarder feels valued and encouraged. As a boarding housemaster, witnessing the bonds that build within these walls is a testament to the true spirit of home – a place where individuals grow, learn, and find friendships that extend far beyond their time here.”