Date Posted... May 21st 2024

Sunny Delights in Adventure Gully

Boarders enjoyed a weekend of adventure at the Newquay Activity Centre, participating in coasteering and giant SUP boarding along the Cornish coast.  Adventure Gully is a natural hidden gem on the North Cornish coast, which provided a thrilling weekend experience for our boarders, who climbed through the rock at Smeagol’s Perch and jumped into crystal-clear plunge pools. The team even met the local friendly seal, who popped up to say hello.

Guided by expert instructors, the boarding team honed their coasteering skills, navigating sluices, natural rapids, and the gully wash trough. The sunny day was ideal for exploring this natural aquatic playground, filled with rock ledges and pools and practising their teamwork skills while paddling a giant SUP through the coastal caves of this beautiful natural coastline.

Congratulations to all for their exceptional teamwork and positive attitude.