Date Posted... Jan 20th 2020



Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

This week has felt exceedingly long and for many of the girls Friday couldn’t come soon enough! We’ve all been at various lectures, talks, auditions, rehearsals, matches and meetings – many of which you will have read about in the Headmaster’s Weekly Bulletin.

This week we welcomed a new boarder to the Malvern community. Charlotte will be staying with us every Monday and Tuesday until the end of the academic year. She has already settled into her new room and with the girls – it’s as if she has always been here!

Relief spread through the house on Monday night as the Upper Sixth girls finally finished their mock exams. The rest of the week was dotted with exam feedback and grades for all Sixth Form girls – lots of really positive progress for us to talk about during our mentoring sessions.

Louis and our other 5th Year Drama students have been busy practising their devised GCSE performance for so long now and finally we got to see their performances on Thursday night. Such talent on display, we are very proud of you Louis!

Saturday dawned cold but sunny, and the walk to breakfast gave us beautiful views of the school and Truro Cathedral bathed in sunshine. After our usual hearty brunch many of the girls headed into town, to the cinema or pottered around the house doing laundry, prep or playing the piano. Saturday evening, in contrast, was loud but very fun. With some of the boys visiting we had a movie and fondue night – Mrs Mulready lent us her fondue set and I cracked out the cheese grater and rustled up a rather tasty cheese fondue (even if I do say so myself!).

Sunday, dawned bitterly cold but again beautifully sunny. After a quick brunch, we rendezvoused at the minibuses and off to……QUAD BIKING! The girls had an amazing time learning how to use the quad bikes and then racing around the track. I am pretty sure that the motto for the day was “the muddier the better”!

The evening has been peaceful with the girls doing an hour of prep and generally getting ready for the week ahead. It will be an interesting week, with us all celebrating 140 years of Truro School with alumni and our colleagues and friends.

Mrs Wood
Resident Tutor (Malvern)