Date Posted... Feb 3rd 2020



Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Finally, January is over! I read a meme on social media this week that said “30 days hath September, April, June and November all the rest have 31 except January which has about 743 and February which has 28”. Despite the fact it is a leap year and February actually has 29, this feels totally true!

Yesterday morning I was asked to show a prospective family around our lovely Malvern. It’s not often that I get asked, but I (hopefully) rose to the challenge. Not that it is much of a challenge to tell prospective students and their families about the wonderful facilities we have here, the amazing pastoral care team that we are surrounded by, the fun we all have at the weekends and what an absolute pleasure it is watching the girls grow in confidence, independence and resilience. It often isn’t easy to spend 24/7 with the same people, but I am lifted when I see the girls rally round when support is needed, joke around when a smile is needed and get stuck into the dishes when the kitchen is a mess!

This week has been another fun packed, hardworking week for many of the girls. We continue with our nightly Prep, music practices, matches, rehearsals, university visits and some very important downtime.

This week we have had one of our regular flexi boarders staying with us. We love it when Hannah comes to stay and we hope she comes back to see us again very soon.

Last Tuesday, our Lower Sixth girls had a parent’s evening. Even though most didn’t have their parents there, they all went and met their teachers to discuss their progress and their January exam results. So much to be proud of and also lots of encouragement to keep working hard and dig deep – it will be worth it in the end!

There were a couple of highlights this week, the first being the long awaited arrival of our hoodies! We are all excited to be wearing our Malvern 19/20 hoodies – some of us haven’t taken them off since we got them! Secondly, the opening of a new Thai restaurant in town. Several of our girls headed there on Friday night – didn’t bring me back any leftovers! – but told me that the food was awesome. Guess where I am going next weekend…

Saturday dawned with beautiful sunshine, which was so pleasing because we were headed to Falmouth for a few hours on the beach or in town, followed by a delicious Afternoon Tea at the Falmouth Hotel. After brunch, Ms Fiol, the Pentreve girls, myself and all the Malvern girls – except two who had a Duke of Edinburgh activity day – loaded up the minibuses and headed to Falmouth. The views were gorgeous, the sea air exhilarating, and sitting in the hotel conservatory with the sun streaming in priceless. Once the girls rendezvoused back with Ms Fiol and I, we went into the restaurant to enjoy our Afternoon Tea. Finger sandwiches of smoked salmon, cucumber, egg mayo and ham were joined by huge warm scones and dainty little cakes. There was so much food we brought back several take out boxes that would feed the Trennick boys who came to visit that evening. The boys love to come and visit to play Wii, Mario Kart or cards, or just to eat our lovely cakes!

Whilst I moved around the tables taking photos and chatting to the girls, I overheard lots of conversations discussing the art of tea making and etiquette whilst eating afternoon tea. What impressed me the most was that the girls had put down their phones (other than lots of photo taking as the food arrived) and were talking to each other – I didn’t even have to remind them!

Despite having eaten a lot of cake in Falmouth, Jess, Leanne and Winkie spent their evening baking chocolate banana cake – and I have to say it was quite yummy!

Sunday dawned a little overcast but pretty mild for February. The house has been very quiet for most of the day. Brunch was also quiet because the junior boys and most of the senior boys had gone BMX-ing. The girls spent the day doing Prep, using the gym, practising the piano and visiting town for some retail therapy.

This evening has been peaceful with the girls doing an hour of prep and generally getting ready for the week ahead. We had a mini House Meeting at our 18.30 roll call all about mobile phone usage and travel plans for half term – lots to organise.

This will be my last blog for several of our German/Austrian boarders (Mrs Mulready is on duty next weekend). I just wanted to take this opportunity to say auf wiedersehen and vielen dank for adding so much to our boarding lives – Svenja I will miss your humour, Theresa I shall miss you always smiling and Pia I shall miss you being one of the first to roll call every single day – who will I grumble about timekeeping with!

Mrs Wood, Resident Tutor (Malvern)