Date Posted... Jan 14th 2020



Senior Boys’ Boarding Blog

Not only have we welcomed back our boys after Christmas Break but we’ve also had some new arrivals into Trennick House. Joining our pre-A-level cohort we have Kevin from China, Pao from Thailand and Julian from Germany, and into our 5th Year we have Carl from Germany and Max who has re-joined us in boarding. Carl has made an excellent start to his time at Truro School by making the Hockey first team in his preferred midfield position. In Saturday’s game he took a quick free-hit, a cross-field 30 metre aerial pass to fellow boarder Simon who then dribbled the ball past five defenders before putting it past the goal-keeper for the goal of the day.

Kevin has enjoyed his first week too, making friends with everyone in the house and joined a group who went to the cinema on Saturday afternoon. Julian, Pao and 14 of our other boarding girls and boys went to the cookery school on Saturday afternoon to learn how to cook some Indian food. We made and ate Chicken Tikka, Chickpea Tikka, Flatbreads, Bombay potatoes, Lentil Dahl, Raita dips, Mango Chutney and a mint yoghurt dip. OH and a white chocolate and cardamom mouse for dessert.

We finished off Saturday by watching some football and a movie in the common room with some snacks. Julian also made a new friend in Jonah (Mr Hatfield’s Dog).

During the week, Cam has been very busy rehearsing his GCSE drama almost every evening, and for some reason needed to get some “emergency” squirty whipped cream at 8pm on Saturday for rehearsals on Sunday…I’m not sure I want to be in the audience for that show!

Ryan had a very muddy but enjoyable day at Idless Woods on Sunday as part of his Duke of Edinburgh practices.

The Sixth Form boys have had a busy and somewhat stressful week with their mock exams in full flow, I’m sure they have done very well given their commitment to revision.

In the week coming we hope to be opening our newly renovated boarders kitchen so our focus will be on cleanliness and kitchen/food hygiene.

Mr. Tom Hatfield, Resident Tutor