Date Posted... Mar 11th 2020



Senior Boys’ Boarding Blog

We celebrated one birthday this week, Ryan enjoyed his 17th birthday with us on Thursday. He got many presents from other boarding students, and at evening roll call we sang to him and each had a lovely cupcake.

With many of our boys nearing exams a lot of extra time is spent in the library, especially by our A-Level students Ries, Anthony, Obum, Finley, Vlad and Bosco. Vlad and Jack had an early morning on Sunday as they headed to Plymouth to do an English language exam, that we are sure they did well in.

Cam M is working hard with his GCSE drama, spending many hours in the Burrell Theatre rehearsing and studying.

Our weekend activity was a great success, it was called ‘Out Fox The Box’. A gentleman brought in several boxes each with different locks, clues, riddles and questions on them. The boarders had to work in mini-groups and ultimately in one large group to decipher the clues and gain access to the boxes. To add more pressure there was a Master Box with a countdown timer of 60 minutes that we had to beat. We were doing very well with lots of brilliant minds figuring out maths equations, English riddles and musical notes. Finley Morel and Alex Azamatov were the stand out boys. We completed the task with 13 minutes and 59 seconds to spare.  Mr Hatfield’s dog, Jonah, also helped a bit.

On Saturday evening the boys enjoyed a movie and snacks night in the common room. They even thought it was a great idea to have a popcorn fight, which I’m sure was great fun and definitely worth the 30 minute clean up when Mr Hatfield saw the mess.

With the global virus in mind we are continuing with our household cleanliness skills this week with an emphasis on personal hygiene, bedroom cleanliness and kitchen hygiene.