Date Posted... Jan 27th 2020



Senior Boys’ Boarding Blog

It has been a good week in Truro, the sun was out for some lovely Cornish winter scenery.

Our Hong Kong and Chinese students enjoyed a fun weekend celebrating the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rat with a meal out at a Chinese restaurant on Friday and an evening of games and sweets on Saturday.

Many of our Trennick boys have taken part in outdoor activities this week. Simon won his hockey match 3-1 at Totnes hockey club in Devon, William was out sailing in the Fal Estuary, Lucas had an enjoyable surf at Perranporth beach and some of our boys and girls walked to the local rugby club to watch fellow Truro School friends play a match.

On Saturday we had a bit of a relaxed day and the boarders were allowed to wander into town and enjoy some free time. Many of the Trennick boys went out in the evening to the cinema and the others picked up some snacks from the supermarket and watched a movie in the common room.

This weekend was our ‘Life Skills’ weekend, were our aim was to give our boarders a little taste of some things that may help them when they leave school for university or work. We also had the grand opening of our newly fitted kitchen this week and on Sunday morning some of the prospective prefects were tasked with sorting through our kitchenware and making a list of things that need replacing or new things they would like. After the list was checked by Mr Hatfield the boys then walked into town to shop for these kitchen items. Trevor, Lorenzo and Jack all did a fantastic job and grabbed some great deals.

The whole boarding community joined in for our other ‘life skills workshops’. Mrs Mulready and Mrs Howe ran a food shopping on a budget and smoothie making workshop were the groups had to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients for a smoothie. On their return they made a smoothie with their ingredients that was taste tested by the teachers. Somehow Simon managed to make the best smoothie!!

Mr Thompson took the boarders to a local nursing home for the elderly. The boarders were asked to engage, take or play games with the elderly residents at the home. Our children had a wonderful time and were courteous, polite and entertaining for the residents. Kevin in-particular was a big hit with his pianist skills; we look forward to the boarders concert.

The final workshop was with Mr Hatfield who challenged small groups to design a ‘new’ game that could be played by them, increase heart-rate, be fun, incorporate teamwork and be safe. They could use a variety of sporting equipment from tennis balls and hockey sticks, to indoor javelins and hoola hoops. The 6 different groups all came up with very different games that all fulfilled the fun, active and teamwork requirements.

Other activities for the boys included a Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) route mapping day for Alex A with his DofE group, and 4th Year Cameron had drama dress rehearsals to attend.