Date Posted... Jan 21st 2020



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

I am really happy to say that our new boarders have all settled in so well, and are already such an integral part of the boarding family, that it is hard to think of a time when they we not with us. There is a lovely atmosphere in the boarding house; lots of laughter and giggles and some valued friendships beginning to build. It is an absolute pleasure to see them all getting on so well together, being kind to each other, and enjoying each other’s company.

Well, what an amazing week it has been for the girls of Pentreve. It has been so jam-packed that the days have flown by in a blink-of-an- eye. The girls have been busy with their usual clubs, including squash, badminton, tennis, swimming, life-drawing, netball and choir, to name just a few.

The school’s GCSE Drama students have been busy preparing for their final performances and on Monday and Wednesday, many of us went up to the Burrell Theatre to offer our support in the audience. But, my goodness, we were in for a treat! Such talented actors, writers and comedians – and all of them being just 15 or 16 years old. Very impressive!

The week also started off with a birthday celebration for Kaja, who turned 15 on Tuesday.

Kaja woke up to cards, presents, birthday cake (an abundance of chocolate, of course) and a decorated common-room full of balloons – with everyone singing Happy Birthday to her and wishing her well. But, of course, after this, it was back to serious study/work for us all and the celebrations had to wait to be resumed at the end of the school day.

On Wednesday’s, after school, we are often joined by ‘Bumble’ the school’s Learning Support dog. The girls adore Bumble, who is more than happy to soak up all their love and attention. He also gets to have another walk around the school grounds and maybe a doggie treat or two.
The house is blessed with a group of girls who take their studies very seriously and work hard throughout the week. It is lovely then to see them enjoy some time-out with fun and relaxing activities to help them unwind. By Saturday, most were very tired and enjoyed a bit of a lie-in. All, except for Jess who was up and out early for an away sport’s fixture. But it was worth it as they won flat out.

For those staying at the house, Saturday was activity day, and this week it was Quad Biking! I don’t think any of the girls had done this before and some were a bit apprehensive. We had been told to expect to get very muddy, so we went armed with spare clothes, shoes and plenty of bin bags. The girls all donned protective boots, armour, shin/elbow pads and crash helmets and, after, some serious Health & Safety training, they were let loose on the tracks. They loved it! Such an adrenaline rush. We returned to the house cold, muddy and tired – but happy. After supper, it was time to relax and the girls curled up on the sofas to watch a film and enjoy a range of treats and healthy snacks.

By Sunday, everyone was well and truly exhausted and had a very slow start to the day. Except Jess, who once again, was up-and out early with her Chorister commitments. Where does she get her energy from?! For many, it was as much as they could do to be out of bed, dressed and ready for morning roll-call at 10.35. A quick sprint up the hill, followed by a hearty breakfast, soon got everyone into gear and the day could truly begin. Sunday was a beautiful day – it started with a clean, sharp and cold frost but remained sunny throughout. Most of the girls enjoyed a walk down into town to do some essential shopping or just to enjoy some air.

Evie, our weekly boarder, returned briefly to the house on Sunday afternoon in between her Chorister commitments at the Cathedral. And she did not come alone. Much to her surprise, there was a new puppy waiting for her! His name is Buzz and he is the most adorable labradoodle. So cute! So cuddly! And of course, a big hit with the Pentreve girls. Come back and see us again soon Buzz.

Ms Fiol (Pentreve Resident House Tutor)