Date Posted... Jan 14th 2020



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Well what a start to this term we’ve had here at Pentreve House. We have enjoyed the arrival of five new girls: Leora, Anouk, Teresa, Julia and Siloe, and despite having to take on a huge amount of information, whilst also getting used to their new surroundings and routines, both within the boarding house and the wider school community, the girls are all settling in very well. We do of course have our returning girls partly to thank for that. They have been an excellent help to our new girls, guiding and advising them in as many areas as they can. They have had their own struggles this week too, jet lag, lack of lazy mornings and PJ days and of course no more Christmas chocolate to consume (the latter has been my most difficult challenge this week!). Despite this, the girls have been impressive at being up and organised and ready to face the day – well done to them all!

During their games lesson this week, our 3rd Year girls had the opportunity to have a go at rugby, which went down very well; they returned to the house with muddy kits, muddy knees and huge smiles! They are looking forward to improving on the skills and for some trying out the new boots that were purchased in our trip to town on Saturday. Whilst in town we all gathered for a delicious winter warming hot chocolate with most girls opting to try the ‘Unicorn’ hot chocolate with its very own horn!

Later in the evening the girls made some very tempting ice cream Sundaes layered with fruit, cream and sauces – there was an unofficial competition for who could squeeze the most into their glass; it was hotly contended but I think Kaja managed to win this prestigious accolade! Once the Sundaes were assembled the girls all snuggled into the common room to eat, relax and watch a movie.

On Sunday, after a filling and yummy brunch at school the girls were joined by our junior boys and headed of in minibuses with Mrs Mulready and Mr Thompson. The activity of choice this weekend was roller skating at a local Roller Disco in Redruth. There was much fun and laughter and I thin  a few bruises by the end of the session!

We now, as always on a Sunday evening, have an air of calm and quiet as the girls are preparing for their week ahead; finishing prep, putting fresh linen on their beds and ensuring their bags are ready for the next few busy days.

Mrs Howe (Pentreve House Resident Tutor)