Date Posted... Nov 18th 2019



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

It was a calm start to the week as everybody has settled back into school life. The girls approach and attitude towards all the hard work and extra-curricular activities always impresses me, as well as this they always find time for fun, laughter and socialising with friends. They really are a pleasure to be around.

On Friday evening Evie and Jess, our choristers, took part in a concert in St Mawes which went very well and they really enjoyed themselves. They mentioned they particularly enjoyed their meal at a local hotel. Lucky girls.

Those of us remaining in the house enjoyed a cosy evening relaxing in the warm away from the cold and rain outside; some of the girls enjoyed the company of some of our other boarders, playing games together.

On Saturday, Svenja, Romane and Theresa joined other senior boarders at the cookery school to make a Spanish feast including Paella, Chickpea and Chorizo salad and a delicious Orange drizzle cake. Once their feast was prepared they all sat together to enjoy the meal. They returned to Pentreve House very satisfied and fortunately there was some food left so we were able to have a try too – I can say they did an amazing job; it was so tasty.

Whilst the senior boarders were cooking, the junior girls and boys went to Shelterbox, a local charity. Shelterbox are a disaster relief charity and we are lucky enough to have the headquarters and visitor centre here in Truro. The boarders had a guided tour and were given lots of information about how the charity works, they then had the opportunity to get a hands on experience attempting to pack a box with all the correct equipment like a tent, lighting, blankets and cooking utensils – we discovered it was a lot more difficult than it looked! The group also had the chance to go into tents and shelters that have been set up as they would be in a real situation. It really provoked some interesting discussions about how we would feel in similar circumstances to those hit by such disasters. The boarders certainly left the centre with a feeling of gratitude and reflection about how fortunate they are, which was lovely to see.

On Saturday evening, the girls decided they would like to order in pizza and snuggle in for a movie night; the chosen film was The Incredibles – ‘an oldie but a goodie’.

On Sunday after a relaxing and quiet morning we headed for a trip in to town where it seems Christmas has started, the girls returned to the house with some lovely Christmas gifts and some very ‘stylish’ Christmas jumpers. It won’t be long until we all are continually humming along to Christmas songs.

We finish our week as ever with an air of calm whilst the girls are preparing for the next week of all things Truro School!

Mrs Justine Howe (Resident House Tutor)