Date Posted... Oct 9th 2019



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Our two prize golf payers, Aom and Aim, travelled up to Okehampton for their first inter-school golf tournament. It was an exciting day for them and they were really looking forward to it. However, things weren’t quite what they expected because when they got there they found out they were playing against boys! This didn’t stop them though, they played well and enjoyed the experience. Whilst the result did not go their way on this occasion, they are more determined than ever to win next time and we look forward to future successes.

Gale-force winds were due to batter Devon and Cornwall as the tail end of former hurricane ‘Storm Lorenzo’ was expected to hit the South West of the UK towards the end of the week. Out traditional ‘Whole School Photo’ was on Friday and this turned out to be quite a mammoth operation for everyone involved. We had been hoping for a dry day all week, and our wish was granted. There was no rain, but still the wind blew. And blew. And blew. It took the photographers many attempts to capture us all without our hair, (or someone else’s!) blowing in our faces. Those pupils perched high on the stadium got the worst of it but it was all done with good humour and a great sense of cooperation. We look forward to seeing the final print.

Talking about seeing the final prints – Mrs Mulready collected the girls painted pots this weekend. Goodness me – they were gorgeous! The girls were very impressed with how the pots had turned out.

On Saturday, the boarders assumed the role of ambassadors for the school as they welcomed prospective future pupils and their parents for Open Day. Initially, they weren’t too happy about having to wear their school uniform on a Saturday (who can blame them) but they soon stepped up to the task at hand. The girls were assigned to individual families and acted as a personal guide around the school, answering questions where they could, and directing them to appropriate members of staff where more information was needed. Many comments were made by the visitors, and by staff, as to how polite, friendly and helpful the boarders were. We too were very proud of them and very thankful for their help. As a token of our gratitude, the boarders were all given a ticket to a film of their choice at the Truro Plaza Cinema. The older boarders chose to see ‘The Joker’ while those under 15 chose to see ‘The Lion King’, ‘Dora’, ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Toy Story 4’.

Thank you girls, for all your hard work and good humour this weekend. Wishing everyone a great week to come.

Ms Fiol