Date Posted... Dec 7th 2020



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Pentreve as on Wednesday evening we had a break from the normal weeknight routine and declared it Christmas decoration time! The girls were very excited at the announcement that after a shortened prep time they were to meet in the common room ideally dressed in Christmas pyjamas/jumper ready to go full on festive. We had a great atmosphere in the house as we took it in turns to play our favourite Christmas song. I was particularly impressed with the teamwork and camaraderie between the girls to get the job done to perfection. We all then enjoyed some warming hot chocolate and a treat from the Cookery school of apple and mincemeat turnovers.

On Friday evening after supper we all convened again in the Common room to exchange Secret Santa gifts, the girls really do know each other well as whoops of delight were heard with each gift being opened. It really is lovely to see the bond and caring between them. The girls all seemed happy too with their matching Christmas socks from the Pentreve resident staff although there was some confusion when trying to explain what the chocolate Brussel sprouts were!

The girls snuggled in for the evening and continued the Christmas theme by watching The Grinch accompanied by yet more hot chocolate and some yummy brownies.

It was an early start for some of us on Saturday as we got up to wave Percy off as she boarded the school minibus to start her long journey home to Hong Kong for the holidays. We will miss her lovely happy face and look forward to her return in the new year.

Once the others had woken we headed up to brunch and then on to the school art rooms for a ceramics workshop. We had a really lovely time creating some beautiful Christmas decorations. We all thoroughly enjoyed this lovely experience and could have spent all day being creative. We did unfortunately have to finish but the girls made the most of their free afternoon and popped into Truro to stock up on essentials.

After a well needed lie in on Sunday Morning the girls awoke to find shoes full of chocolate outside their bedroom doors as is the German tradition celebrating St Niklaus day. After another delicious brunch we boarded the minibus and headed off to Falmouth to have the opportunity to make a start on some Christmas gift shopping. After the lockdown restrictions lifting it certainly was nice to venture out again.

Mrs Justine Howe Pentreve House Resident Tutor