Date Posted... Mar 11th 2020



Junior Boys’ Boarding Blog

Even more cryptic was this weekend’s activity of “Outfox the Box”. Against the clocks, we had to outfox the box, undo locks and beat tick-tocks. 

Teaming up with the Pentreve Girls, the boys tackled a number of challenging and mind-bending problems in order to crack a series of codes, before time ran out. With the timer ticking, it was great to see all the students working so closely together and running around supporting one another. Different students have different skill sets and it was very encouraging to watch the groups swell and swirl like a flock of starlings depending on the problem and who could help. The challenge was to beat the clock faster than the senior students, who had a bigger team and were hungry for Cadbury’s cream eggs.

Alas, it wasn’t to be, despite the Juniors being ahead at the halfway point. Strength in numbers really played into the hands of the seniors and we applaud their efforts, despite feeling robbed. As a reward for such excellent communication, team work and generally getting stuck-in, I bought the boys pizza from the ever popular Domino’s and some settled in for a film.

Sunday was a quiet day with free time to go into town, see friends in Trennick and catch up on homework and, in Gant’s case, get upset about the ‘off-side rule’, whatever that is. 

The boys have a busy couple of weeks coming up but are all in good spirits. I have been really impressed with their friendly and warm attitude to each other this week. There has been an ever greater sense of looking out for each other, helping out when cleaning up and general positivity, which has been great to see. Roll on next weekend!

Mr. Nick Pilborough