Date Posted... Dec 10th 2019



Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog 09.12.19

8 December 2019
As we near the end of the first term, It has been an incredible penultimate week for the girls of Pentreve House. As always, it has been busy, busy, busy but with even more festivities being enjoyed by all.

Early on in the week, the 3rd years had two performance evenings: On Monday pupils performed the songs they had written and composed themselves in the Christmas Song Concert. When commenting on Freya’s and Olivia’s piece, their music teacher said he was genuinely stunned by the quality of the work they had produced. On Tuesday, Mariia and then Diana both performed solo poetry recitals which were equally notable. Well done girls!

After Wednesday’s supper, we all stayed behind in the dining hall for some Christmas singing.

On Friday, after school, all the boarders from all of the houses piled onto a coach and headed for the Eden Project for the evening. As always, everyone was starving hungry and so a quick feast of hot pasties were enjoyed before we all trudged down the star- lit hill towards the domes. The Eden Project at Christmas time is a magical place transformed by thousands upon thousands of lights, with the dulcet tones of choirs echoing through the domes. But it was the ice skating rink that was the main attraction for the evening. At 7pm they all donned their skates and entered the arena – some with elegance and confidence; others clutching the side rails, too nervous to let go. But before long everyone had found their ice-legs and were happily whizzing around the rink., accompanied by Christmas songs blaring out from the surrounding speakers. Thankfully there were no accidents and everyone went home in one piece, happy and exhausted.

Saturday was a gentler day for many, with the girls taking themselves off to town for some last minute Secret Santa shopping followed by an evening of pizza, ice-cream and Christmas films. However, there was no such rest for Evie, Uma and Jess who had some serious rehearsals followed by an impressive three hour performance that evening of as part of the Truro Coral Choirs’ ‘The Messiah’ at the cathedral.

By Sunday, everyone was ready for a lie in and was grateful for a slower start to the day. The morning was spent finishing prep and making the all-important decisions about what everyone should wear to the Christmas Dinner that evening. Face masks were prepared, hair was curled,
makeup was applied and, finally, they all emerged looking absolutely beautiful and ready for a fun evening.

First, we all joined the Rev for the boarders Chapel Service where Christmas Carols were sung by all and good will was shared. Then it was off to the beautifully decorated dining hall for our Christmas feast and an evening of dancing.

Finally, on arriving back to the boarding house – it was time for Secret Santa where presents were shared and hugs of friendship were given. And then, it was time to climb the stairs to bed and to have a well-deserved rest… Sleep tight everyone.

Ms Fiol (Resident House Tutor, Pentreve)