Date Posted... Feb 4th 2020



Junior Boys’ Boarding Blog

“Riders ready, eyes on the gate…BANG” – Cornwall BMX Racing Club hosted the Trennick and Poltisco boys and two Pentreve girls for a morning of burn riding and, in Cam’s words, “sending it”. I’m fairly sure that doesn’t mean wobbling off into the dirt every now and again, but I could be wrong. After an initial coaching session and time to familiarise themselves with the bikes, the boarders braved the track in segments before moving onto the starting hill. A bit of start gate practice ensued, which really tested our balance, and, as Mr Copeland watched with a wry smile and judging eyes, Mr Pilborough “sent it”…almost all the way to A&E after stacking it over a double jump. There was no shortage of good humour, jokes and support for each other and everyone was able to test themselves against the track at their own pace. I was really impressed with how the boys all got stuck in and everyone had a great time. Huge thanks to Cornwall BMX Club for their time and putting on the session for us.

Saturday saw an early morning cricket match for Henry, and congratulations to Amari for his 3rd place in the fencing Sabre discipline at Millfield School on Saturday.

I have been impressed with the boys camaraderie of late – it’s brilliant to see them supporting each other both in and outside of school.

Mr Nick Pilborough, Resident Tutor