Date Posted... Dec 5th 2019



Junior Boys’ Boarding Blog

It was a pretty busy but enjoyable week and all of the boarders were happy that the weekend was upon us. After a week of tests and homework, it was time to relax and to have fun with the other boarders. Sam, Amari and Henry left on Friday, so they could take part in fencing competitions. Sam did it very well and came on the first place in his Sabre class at Millfield and Henry was away representing GB in Sofia, Bulgaria.

On Saturday we went to the Shelterbox Centre in Truro, which is a visitor centre of an organisation which helps people who need shelter because they have lost their homes in a natural disaster leaving them homeless. Frank, Gustavo, David, Christian, Gant, Roland, and I visited the centre with Mr. Pilborough. Our outstanding volunteer guide showed us the visitor centre which was actually a small museum that showed how the equipment is shipped (and the logistics involved) and utilised in disaster areas. I had no idea what the Shelterbox was, so I walked in without knowing what the organisation was about. Caroline, the guide, filled us in: “We help people who have no home because their home had been destroyed during natural catastrophes. We send boxes with a tent, some things to cook, something to sleep on and more things to survive without a real home.” We walked around the exhibition and looked at tents and the boxes and even had the chance to pack a box. It’s not as easy as it looks packing a real life survival kit into a box! Mr. Pilborough challenged us to then unpack and re-shelve all the stock, which we did in teams and he and Gant lost. After the fun visit in the Shelterbox Visitor Centre we went into town to buy some sweets and snacks for the weekend.

On Sunday we had a fairly relaxed day and decided to order Pizza. We spent some time in our games room playing pool, PS4 and listening to Christian teach Mr Pilborough how to play “Montegues and Capulets”….badly, whilst listening to some real music. What a relaxing but fun weekend.

We are all looking forward to next weekend’s activity when we’ll be up in the cookery school with Mr Thomson,.