Date Posted... Dec 10th 2019



Junior Boys’ Boarding Blog 09.12.19

Poltisco blog – Winter Wonderland Weekend

For our last weekend, the festive gloves were off and we treated the boarders to a range of Christmas-related activities. Starting as soon as the weekend kicked-off, we loaded all the boarders onto a coach to the Eden-project – a local, globally recognised attraction that was putting on a Festival of Christmas to entertain visitors. We have been annual visitors at this time for a number of years, taking our boarders Ice-skating. This year, the boarders were also invited to come and experience the Eden Christmas Festival Orchestra and Singers perform a range of festive favourites in the magnificent setting of the Mediterranean Biome, featuring Mr. Thomson himself singing tenor – it was really special being able to share this with the boarders he helps to look after.

On the ice, it was also lovely to see how everyone interacted, some with rather more ice-skating experience helping those who were beginners. Gustavo and Carlos were particularly keen to learn, especially when the help was being freely offered by their friends in Pentreve. David also made notable improvements, while our surprise skater of the year, showing off his skills must be Amari.

On Saturday, the boys were allowed some free time in town to do some Christmas shopping, and to buy more decorations for the house, while Mr Thomson went to buy some prizes (more on that later). In the evening, all the boarders were invited to stay after dinner to join in the singing of some festive carols, some rather more irreverent than others. It was a lovely, lively atmosphere – the highlight must be Mr Hatfield treating us to his hand actions during a rousing performance of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. Other carols sung included Silent Night (in English and German) and a beautiful rendition of In the Bleak Midwinter – a lovely community moment all-round.

On Sunday, the boys got stuck in to help prepare for the Boarder’s Christmas Dinner. An annual highlight of the social year, as we celebrate a term together and, sadly, bid farewell to two of our boys. Carl and Carlos have been delightful and colourful additions to the house, and we will all be very sorry to see them go – in their time with us they have left a wonderful and lasting impression on so many people at Truro School. After a very nice Christmas service in the chapel, we congregated for an extremely tasty Christmas Dinner, replete with all the trimmings (crackers, party hats, pigs in blankets and more!), followed by speeches and prizes. Carlos gave a witty and moving speech, and Mr Thomson gave out a range of prizes, including ‘Timekeeping’, ‘Electioneering’, ‘Smiliest boarder’, ‘Future Estate Agent’, ‘Cultural Experience’ and ‘Cornwall is not in England’ – it would take too long to explain the context behind all of these!

What a fun, moving and friendship filled weekend to cap off a long, but exciting term at Truro School. We wish you and your families a lovely break together and look forward to seeing most of the boys back with us after Christmas.

Best wishes, and Merry Christmas,

Mr Thomson