School Archive

Founded in 1880, Truro School is steeped in over 130 years of history, which can be truly fascinating to look back on.

The School Archive is brimming with photographs and old school publications documenting the years since the first time the school bell rang. Scroll down and click on the links below to see various items from the archive.

The Truro School Sports Hall (PDF: 1MB)

Charting the development of the school’s sports halls.

Truro School and the Rugby World Cup (PDF: 3.5MB)

Profile of John Kendall Carpenter (TS 1939–1943).

School Plane – Spirit of Truro

The Truro School plane, Spirit of Truro, named by Prince Charles in 1980. Created in 2009 as part of the Archive Awareness Campaign ‘Take Flight’.

The EQV 1916 (PDF: 4MB)

Transcription of a hand-written magazine produced by pupils during WWI.

The Opie Shield (PDF: 350KB)

The House Competition which began in the 1920s, named after the school’s matron Emma Opie.

School Houses (PDF: 573KB)

Smith, Vinter, School and Wickett were introduced as school houses in 1921.

The School Song (PDF: 536KB)

Esse Quam Videri was first sung at Speech Day in December 1909. Words by J.W. Hunkin (TS 1899–1903), later Bishop of Truro, and music by R.K. Vinter, brother of headmaster H.W. Vinter (TS 1883–1921).

Truro School Timeline (PDF: 4MB)

A quick look through the history of the school.

The Origins of Truro School (PDF: 3MB)

Created back in 2010 to mark 130 years since the school opened.

100 WW1 stories (PDF: 672KB)

Stories and images of 100 former pupils involved in WW1, mainly from the school magazines and school team photos.

War Memorials in the School Chapel (PDF: 171KB)

Photos and brief descriptions of the memorials. (More information about people named available from the School Archive).