Date Posted... Sep 21st 2022

Lighting Up WAAs with Physical Computing Club

Pupils and students from the 2nd Year to Sixth Form were getting to grips with MicroPython coding on Raspberry Pi Pico in Physical Computing Club this Wednesday Afternoon.

Having spent time getting to know their Raspberry Pi Pico (a low-cost, high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces) and understanding the basics of programming with MicroPython, our Physical Computer Clubbers were challenged today to create a mini-pedestrian crossing system using multiple LEDs and a push button.

Having cracked their challenges, Stanley was working on a morse code encoder, while Sam was working out how to play scales (and even Fur Elise) using his Raspberry Pi Pico.

Led by Mr Vanstone and helped by Sixth Form mentors Amari and George, it was a fascinating lesson that gave the pupils a thrilling insight into the world of physical computing.

We look forward to sharing more challenges with you as the term progresses including developing a reaction game, a burglar alarm and a temperature gauge.

With thanks to Mr Vanstone for sharing this club with us today.