Date Posted... Feb 23rd 2023

Meaningful School Partnerships

Here at Truro School we are lucky to be in a partnership with the Truro Fencing Club, where pupils can access an international team of coaches and dedicated facilities during and after the school day.

This week we popped in to see how the Wednesday afternoon activity group was getting on. This session attracts novice and experienced fencers, allowing them to learn from one another and hone their skills. Coach Nikolay explained that fencing is a fast battle game which requires high levels of fitness, agility and tactics. He explained that 90% of the game is in your legs, and as pupils skill levels develop, there is a greater emphasis on footwork during training sessions.

Truro School currently has a girl competing in Estonia at the Europen Championships and very soon, a team of four fencers ( two girls and two boys) are off to Bulgaria to compete in the World Championships.

A new fencing club is open to 1st and 2nd Years on Tuesday afternoons, inviting anybody in those year groups interested to try it for the first time.