Date Posted... Jan 25th 2023

Discovering more about Dinosaurs

Young palaeontologists from Reception visited the the Senior School this week to discover more about dinosaurs and get close to the School’s impressive fossil collection.

The lesson, led by the Head of Geology, Miss Hope, began with a talk about dinosaurs and their characteristics. The children then tried identifying possible dinosaurs from models and matched their characteristics to some example fossils. The children were surprisingly knowledgeable about the pre-historic reptiles and confidently shared their knowledge and observations with the class.

Afterwards, the children carried out some tasks which palaeontologists might carry out, including taking rubbings of a pterosaur, creating a plaster cast of an ichthyosaur tooth and excavating some dinosaur bones and then attempting to recreate a skeleton from their findings.

Outings to the Senior School are always a fun learning experience for our younger pupils. At the end of the lesson, Miss Hope showed them a fossilised T Rex poo known as coprolite and a rare hadrosaur egg, some of the most exciting fossils in the Truro School collection.

We would like to thank Miss Hope, Miss Silgram and the Sixth Formers who provided a memorable morning for our youngest palaeontologists. We hope this experience inspires further interest in the subject.

Young Palaeontologists