Date Posted... Mar 1st 2024



Comparing Truro’s Churches

Year 4’s at Truro School Prep have been studying Tudor history this term and learning about the impact of Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic Church. His rift with Rome led to the establishment of his new Church of England, with Henry becoming the Head of the newly founded Church of England in 1534.

Our Year 4’s investigated the differences within the modern Church of England, visiting both Truro Cathedral and Truro Methodist Church.

Both venues have a rich history and unique features. The Cathedral, which was completed in 1910, is famous for its Gothic-inspired architecture and features including the organ, the Lady Chapel and copper spire.

The Methodist Church offers insights into John Wesley and the beginning of the Methodist denomination. The children were able to compare the differences and similarities to the cathedral taking notes as they went.

Thanks to all of the staff at both Truro Cathedral and Truro Methodist Church for insightful tours and an enjoyable morning.