Date Posted... May 26th 2021




Year 6 achieve their Truro School Prep diplomas

Year 6 received their certificates last week for their Prep Diplomas, which they have been working towards all year.

The final part of the assessment was presenting a PowerPoint in English lessons based on something that they felt passionately about. Subjects ranged from Emmeline Pankhurst’s battle for women’s rights and the introduction of artificial intelligence into modern society, to more personal stories of one boy and his dog and a love for a grandad.

Each speech was written with thoughtfulness, insight, and maturity, and every one displayed incredible IT and animation skills. Every child was articulate and confident. Guest judge, Mrs Jones, was not only highly impressed but thoroughly entertained throughout her day of judging.

Well done to all our Year 6 pupils, you should feel incredibly proud of your achievements.